You have the opportunity to run your own business as well as being a clinician

Rachel Chapman, Ophthalmic Director

Benefits & Salary

Being an optometrist is a demanding role that requires a big commitment from you. But we’re also happy to invest in your talent in return – salaries for optometrists at Specsavers start from around £30,000, with the package increasing from there as your expertise and your role grows. That compares well to other graduate jobs, and when you consider that it’s a qualification that will guarantee you a salary throughout your career, then it’s an attractive career choice. We also make sure that there are plenty of other reasons for you to choose and then stay with Specsavers – from a pension scheme, paid health and dental schemes and health insurance through to a quarterly bonus scheme. Every store has a bespoke benefits package which may include eye care vouchers, a parking space, flexible working hours and a store discount tailored to suit your needs.


There are a huge amount of different opportunities for you within Specsavers, in both the optical and hearing care sides of our business. To find out more about the various roles you could take on, head to

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Specsavers isn’t just a great place to start your career – it’s also an ideal place to develop it and to grow your expertise. We’ll support you all the way throughout your career, whether you want to specialise in a particular area or develop your leadership skills in order to become a Joint Venture Partner. Take a look at our dedicated page to find out more